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Going Independent

Today marks a fairly major professional transition: I am officially no longer a full time employee of IBM. Before you worry, I am not another casualty of “in this economy,” nor am I ending my work with Many Eyes or the illustrious Visual Communication Lab.

Starting right now, I am (once again) an independent contractor. I’ll still be spending a lot of my time working on IBM projects, but I’ll also have the freedom to do outside work. Those of you who know of my connection to Figure 53 (not to mention Chris and Sean, personally) won’t be surprised to hear that I may be putting in some hours for the company that spawned QLab.

Although my schedule is pretty much full in the short term, I plan to take full advantage of my newfound flexibility. I’ve got plenty of ideas in the backlog, but if you have any visualization, interactive music/audio, or other interesting work in need of a collaborator, you know how to reach me: [email protected] or @jkriss.